Marketing automation course

with Ruby on Rails

This marketing automation course consists of 4 modules.

Landing pages, funnel and copywritting

Module 1 is dedicated to creating content. You will see how to create a simple landing page in rails and how to optimize it to the maximum. You will learn the basics of copywritting or the art of convincing to write. Finally you will know all the tricks to create a successful sales tunnel.

Tracking, a/b testing, mailing

Module 2 will cover the theme of webanalytics and its implementation with rails. This module will also talk about a / b testing, how to optimize your landing pages to convert more. Finally, I'll show you how to create a simple mailer or your own auto-responder.

Programmatic advertising

Module 3 will talk about programmatic media buy, or how to acquire paid traffic in an automated way. You will be able to drive visitors to your landing pages.

Affiliation, e-commerce, drop-shipping

Module 4 will focus on the monetization of your system, from the various types of affiliation, to e-commerce, via drop-shipping.

This marketing automation training is intent to developers skilled but also contains theoric parts

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