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My skills

My last diploma is a master degree in computer science with a machine learning specialization during the year 2005. I am coding since almost 20 years. I have coded on different languages since my beginnings : html, php, perl, C, lisp, prolog, C++, java, javascript, E4X, graphtalk. I worked for 12 years as an employee in a large group at different technical positions most often on code. I learn Ruby and Rails in self-training since 2011 and made a lot of differents projects with them.

Basic online courses

I created specific free mini courses to teach you Ruby language basics and Ruby on Rails programming. Those mini courses are created specially to show you the power of Ruby and Rails when they are mastered.

Advanced online courses

I provides many advanced Ruby and Rails online courses dealing with blockchain, chatbot, machine learning, growth hacking, browser automation, rails security, facebook marketing, marketing funnel, autoresponder, .. After sign ups and receiving free mini courses, I will send you emails describing every Ruby and Rails advanced online courses available.

Personal support

Because it is important to be followed when learning to code, I am here to help you every day and to answer all your questions. For each advanced online training, benefit of a personal support by email.

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