Advanced Ruby on Rails Online Training

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Need a ruby on rails online training ? Here you will find a range of unique and very specific courses.

Create your private blockchain

I will show you how to create your private blockchain with a ruby on rails application. You will also be able to deepen your knowledge of blockchains as well as smart contracts, with the ease of implementation that we know in rails.

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Marketing Chatbot

You will see how to set up an automated tunnel including a chatbot with ruby and rails specially on facebook. Use your page for generate interest, and for each interaction, you will be able to relaunch the contact who liked or commented on the page to offer products via the chatbot messenger.

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This ruby on rails online training show you how to build a webmarketing war machine using a ruby on rails application. Landing page creation, funnel creation, pages optimization, tracking, emailing, a / b testing, programmatic advertisment, online shops, drop-shipping, affiliation, run and control everything from your rails application!

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Browser automation

In this advanced ruby on rails online training, you will learn to automate common tasks on one or more web browsers. Crawling, scrapping, filling forms, you will be able to industrialize your actions in order to maximize your results without pain thanks to the web-driver in ruby.

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More than a CRM

Use a native CRM directly in your ruby on rails application. No need for external SaaS, your built-in crm allows you interact with your customers directly, in real-time and automatically. Scoring, cross channels, retargeting, your CRM will centralized and dispatch orders

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This ruby on rails online training will use much of the browser automation but the content will focus on the field of growth-hacking or how to generate growth automatically, especially through the use of OPN (other people network), using ruby technology.

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Machine learning

Ruby is not the most appropriate language to make machine learning on a large scale (though), but it is quite adapted to the discovery of this domain because of its simplicity of use. You will learn the theoretical bases of machine learning, and how to implement them quickly with ruby.

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Facebook marketing

This training will synthesize all information related to facebook marketing. How to automatically animate a page, how to search for interests via the API, the best way to launch campaigns automated facebook ads, or how to use a facebook marketing chatbot.

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Custom autoresponder

Create your own autoresponder ! Learn how to capture emails, create sequences of email following a subscription to a newsletter, improve your deliverability, a little theory on drip marketing and specific email copywritting.

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Securing your ruby on rails application

This training will show you how to make your rails application as secure as possible to avoid any attacks which could endanger it.

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This first set of ruby on rails online courses is aimed at a public who is already developer wishing to deepen his knowledge on a particular field.

In case of ruby online course, the knowledge of another language is necessary at minimum: to understand the variables, the methods, the calls, the parameters, the loops.

For rails online course, it is also necessary to have knowledge of programming but languages focused web this time (html, css, js).

To summarize, the content of the ruby on rails online training will not return to the basics for now, while waiting for introductory courses to ruby and initiation to rails, to come in a second time when I could have completed all the planned trainings .


Several pricings are proposed

  • First of all, training only , where you have to get by if you get stuck on the implementation of the examples.
  • Next, a formula with email support for 1 month , in which I would answer your questions.
  • Finally, the package includes: training, email support 1 month and coaching in livechat an hour on skype, where you can have live answers to all the questions you will ask yourself!

If you want something more personalized, use the contact form on the "services" page.